Feb 16, 2013

Spring Break & Off-Track Sewing Camps

Call and register for your week-long sewing camp today. Students LOVE week-long sewing camps because they can see a lot of progress very quickly. In a week-long, two-hour-per-day camp a beginning student will have enough time to complete the notion's bag, sewing bag, skirt, and blouse. Bump the daily camp up to three-hours-per-day and the student will also have enough time to complete a matching outfit for an 18" doll or Build-A-Bear. Tuition drops from $15/hour to $10/hour when you sign up for a week-long camp.

Monday-Friday (Spring Break/Off-Track) Two-Hour Camp $100
Monday-Friday (Spring Break/Off-Track) Three-Hour Camp $150

Call or email for locations and times: (801) 884-2481 or sewschool@gmail.com

If you are interested in our weekly lessons after school, click here for more information. Thanks!

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